My name is Graham. I have had a class-3 malocclusion. For those of you with perfectly-aligned jaws, that term will mean nothing to you. In English, it means I had a severe underbite.

I underwent double jaw surgery to have it fixed. The surgeon moved my top jaw forward and my bottom jaw backward. He also cut 2 pieces of bone out of my bottom jaw and one piece out of the top.

I’ve documented my 90-day road to recovery here for 2 reasons. First, for family and friends to follow along if they’re interested. Second, for people considering having the operation done, if they’re curious as to what the 3 months following will be like.

It was like nothing I ever expected. Having an immovable mouth for several months is a frustrating obstacle, to say the least. Imagine not being able to eat, drink, speak, or sleep properly for weeks. Imagine having to eat through a syringe and being unable to blow your nose in fear of breaking a blood clot and having to go to the emergency room.

I’ve attached a new mugshot each day so you can compare swelling as my recovery takes place. At the end of my 90-day recovery, I also posted before and after pictures so you can see what the operation achieved.

Wondering where to begin? Start reading about the first day or see all the posts.


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