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I go in for double jaw surgery tomorrow morning. I’m set to arrive at the hospital at 7:30 am. Surgery begins at 10:30 am. Why it takes 3 hours to put an IV in, I’ll never know. Anyways, I’m walking over. I figure I should enjoy my last morning of breathing easy for awhile.

I have 2 weeks booked off from work and I’ve arranged to stay at my parent’s place for the first week or so of my recovery. I have no idea what that recovery will entail, but it sounds like a fairly invasive procedure, so I imagine there won’t be much eating or moving of any kind involved.

So far, my biggest fear is the IV. I absolutely loathe needles. That sounds weird, I know, coming from a guy with several tattoos, but it’s the honest truth. I have friends who say they love watching the needle pierce through their flesh whenever they’re donating blood, but I think they’re crazy.

The surgeon has told me to expect a full recovery in 90 days. I’ll be documenting that, each and every day, right here, along with pictures.


  1. Yea.. I hope so, anyway thank’s a lot for sharing, have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The hospital I went to has nothing to do with the costโ€”the price is entirely dependent on whether or not your medical coverage will help you out.

    Ask surgeons in your area, though. It may be cheaper in your part of the world. We can hope, right? =)

  3. Oh my god, too expesive :(, I’ve search about jaw surgary in indonesia but can’t found it, I thought it wasn’t popular operation…and then I asked to any one who have jaw surgery, in US more than 20.000 $ :s, maybe I should saving my money first hhaa,so what is the name of hospital in canada do you rercomended to take jaw surgery?

    Wow that sound is great, well indonesia has many exotic places,with the greatest view,hey don’t forget to visit aceh, we have a beautiful island,sabang, have you heard about that? If you interested, don’t forget greeting me ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Hi Sara!

    The total cost from start to finish was:

    • Braces: $7000
    • Wisdom teeth removal: $1500
    • Surgery: $5000 (most of this was covered by health care
    • Total: $13,500

    However, that’s only because Canadian health care covers the majority of the operation. I’ve heard numbers as high as $50,000 in the US.

    I feel fantastic now that all is said and done and I’m very happy I chose to go through with the surgery.

    I’m also going to be in your part of the world later this year! Looking forward to seeing what Indonesia is all about!

  5. Hi graham, I’m just bookmarked your website, really helpfull for me. I have a same trouble as you had. A class 3 underbite , I would like to asking you, how much does the total cost, from consult, braces,until finally operation. and How do you fell today so far after operative? Is that okay about the ‘builds’ which implant to your bones?isn’t disturbing.
    Well, sorry my english not too fluency, I’m coming from aceh, indonesia.


  6. I have a hot tip about the IV. I had never gotten them until I was in the hospital about to give birth. I had 4 of them put in at different times. Ouch!!! The first attempt, I had a rolling vein and they did it pretty much in the dark. Dumb. All the other times, it was a pretty brutal experience as well. I was so scared to have to go through it again.
    BUT, as I learned with jaw surgery, everything is planned out. You have a surgery time, you have prep time built in, you have someone who is on a timeline to give you an IV, not just jab you with a large needle when it’s deemed necessary ‘now’. This time, they asked me if I wanted a Lydocaine shot to numb the pain. I said, Yes! Now I understand that means two needles are now going in. But wouldn’t you rather feel a bee sting (not gone lie, still hurts like a bitch and burns) than a big ole needle in your hand?
    It worked out for me and I was deathly afraid of going back to that scary emergency-like situation where they outfit you with a bunch of IVs.
    Ask for the Lydocaine.

  7. Hello again Hannah!

    If your son is already able to eat most things, I would suggest that he start chewing gum as often as possible. This will allow him to chew constantly all day long, thereby stretching the muscles in his jaw and providing him with the extra movement he’s looking for.

    He should have all of his movement back by the three-month mark.

    Let me know how it goes. =)

  8. dear graham
    It is now almost two months since my sons operation, next week he is going back to work.

    He is eating almost everything the only thing that worries me that he still cannot open his mouth properly, he needs to open his mouth at least 1.50 inch,but he can only open up until 0.9 inch and even after they gave him exercises there is no progress .
    How long it takes?

    Thank you
    Have a nice day

  9. Hi Hannah,

    I’m happy to hear he’s already a full month into recovery. He’ll be back in action in no time at all!

  10. dear graham
    thanks so much for your website.
    My son had his double jaw surgery 30 days ago and you road to recovery made it much ease to know that he is not the only person whome has to go true this process. thank you so much

    greetings from Israel

  11. Most of it went away, yes. I have a small numb patch left on my chin, but I don’t notice it unless I’m shaving. Numbness shouldn’t be a longterm problem, and if it is, you’ll adjust to it quickly.

  12. Thanks thats good to hear(: oh and i was wondering did all your numbness go away?

  13. Nice to meet you, Erika.

    I was more worried about the IV needle than anything else as well. You can rest assured that the IV, as well as the surgery itself, are relatively painless. You’ll be numb for the first few weeks following the operation, so you won’t feel much of anything. By the time your feeling returns, the pain should be gone!

    There are no external scars on my face. All of the cuts are performed inside your mouth.

    Your face will end up feeling the same as it does today. The only difference will be that your bite finally makes sense. Your friends and family may notice you look a bit different, but they’ll adjust quickly. I promise. =)

  14. Hey first of all thanks for the blog!(: I’m 15 and I was told ill need sugury for my underbite and just like u I’m more scared about the IV then the surgury so out of 1-10 how much did it hurt and what other things did u have to go thru right befor surgury? Do you have any scars on your face? Did it hurt D: what was the worst part thru the procces? OMG I’m freaking out lmaoooo, and did you get all the feeling back? Dos your mouth feel the same after, like is it smooth like befor? Lol and did ur face feel streched after the surgury or it it bounce back the elesticity I think that’s how you spell it ๐Ÿ˜› hahahah I’m sorry about so many questions get back to me I would really aprictiate it c: I’m scared out of my mind when it comes to needles and scaring

  15. Hi Amanda,

    I’d be more concerned with your ability to talk to customers than your energy levels.

    I’d recommend taking 3 weeks off so you’re able to stand for an 8 hour shift with no problems, but I’d advise you to take an additional week off if you’re required to speak to customers.

    Make sure you talk this over with your manager in hopes that they’ll be as understanding as possible. =)

  16. Hey Graham- I’m having my double jaw surgery sometime in January. I was just wondering how many days you would recommend taking off from work? I’m 17 and I work at McDonald’s so I’m usually on my feet for 7 or 8 hour shifts. Do you think 2 weeks off is a good amount of time? Will my huge, swollen face scare the customers??

  17. Good luck in two weeks’ time, Danielle!

  18. surgery booked for Dec 7, 2011….thanks to everyone for the blogs, they have really helped in preparation of this major surgery!

  19. Nice to meet you, Rachael!

    Isn’t it comforting to know that you’re not alone in the frustrating world of syringes and blended meals? Props to you for surviving through the first week. It’s certainly the worst chunk of the recovery, so you’re moving in a positive direction here.

    Remember to get outside and walk as much as you can. You’ll be back in action in no time at all!

  20. Hi Graham!

    I am on Day 7 after double jaw surgery and a genioplasty. I just came across your blog after some mindless internet searching to get my mind off things. It’s great to know what others went through – I’ve only read a bit but i’m loving it so far – definately makes me feel better and has some good tips. I’m so sick of the syringe diet!!

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