Day 16: I’m Aware I Look Like A Duck. Must You Remind Me?

  • Pain: 1/10
  • Inconvenience: 5/10

I’ve officially run out of creativity when it comes to my daily mugshots. A few of my friends were mocking me for my “MySpace angle” photos. I’ve since decided to start including an item of interest from my house in each picture–something I’ll make use of when this is all over. Today, I sat down with Nesquik. I look forward to many bowls of ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top once I’m able to use a spoon again.

I realized today that I’m dehydrated. Hard to believe this can happen when you’re restricted to a liquid diet. I’ve been drinking less than 1 L of water per day because, well, water makes me feel even hungrier due to its lack of taste. Have you ever had a craving for a glass of water when you’re feeling hungry? Chances are you haven’t. In any regard, I’ve commenced filling my water bottle at work again. At 1.5 L in volume, that should cure my dry throat and lack of energy quite quickly.

My braces have decided to start cutting into my cheeks lately. I don’t appreciate it.

I had the usual for lunch today: 2 Ensure chocolate drinks. However, I succeeded in drinking both of them without spilling anything! I sat there, almost glowing, as I stared out the window overlooking the gleaming businesses across the street–the used satellite store, the shady computer retailer, and the windowless automotive shop whose logo is literally drawn onto the side of the building. My friend told me that’s where businesses go to die. I’m beginning to agree with him.

One of my coworkers came by shortly after I returned from my feast to let me know that I look like a duck. He then nodded and walked away. I’m not sure what that was all about, but I appreciate the human contact nonetheless.

I appreciate all the comments I’ve received regarding this blog. It’s nice to know that people are actually reading this manifestation of pure, raw intelligence. I think I’m going to come back to it in a few years myself and reread the entire journey to see if I find it as humorous as everybody else does when I’m no longer the victim. 🙂

To finish up, allow me to share with you a simple truth I’ve discovered thus far: I have a new heart for starving children. I would find it difficult to be happy if I had to wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with an empty stomach. It’s not a comforting feeling.


  1. Chaitanya Karnik

    May 26, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    Dear Graham,

    I am from Mumbai, India. Currently I’m on day 16 post my double jaw surgery and chin genioplasty.
    Your blog comes as a welcome relief and trust me I keep looking at your pics everyday as a refrence point to see the progress I’m making everyday.
    Just like you mentioned these braces are digging into my cheeks which is resulting in bad and painful ulcers.
    Although I would add that my surgeon asked me to start off on a semi-solid diet within 4 days post my surgery, so that really has helped me on the energy bit. So what he’s allowed me is anything that I can press against my palate with my tongue and gulp it down.
    Now I have resumed my job and my job entails me to talk for long period of time facing my clients. This at times gives me a strange feeling when I start talking. It’s as if the muscles around my jaw are getting awfully stretched.
    Also there is a needle like pricking sensation around my chin which is numb at the moment. Is this normal?


    • Hi Chaitanya! You are lucky being able to eat soft food so early in your recovery. That’s a blessing, no doubt!

      1) Speaking for extended periods of time at only 16 days post-op is discouraged as it will cause your swelling to remain quite high. I would recommend trying to give yourself another week to heal, keeping in mind that this recovery is a one-time thing and you’ll never have to go through it again. However, if that’s not possible, then do your best to not speak after work and apply heat to your face for at least an hour each evening.

      2) The “pins and needles” sensation around your chin is normal. This is just a sign of your nerves healing, so it’s actually a really good thing!

      I hope this helps. It’s tough trying to balance recovery with work, but I encourage you to commit more to recovery until you’re a full month post-op. Best of luck! 😊

    • Hi Chaitanya,

      Who was ur surgeon? I too got DBS done at Bangalore and I’m just 16 days post op today. How long did u have ur braces for?

  2. 2015, only a few years late! LOL. As I am recovering (day 7) from Orthognatic surgery, I found your blog and now my cheeks hurt even more from laughing! I will be going back to the beginning and reading it all. I told my husband that I look like I am doing a duck-face with a botox lip-injection gone wrong!

  3. Daniela Sierra

    April 23, 2015 at 1:38 am

    Hi Graham,

    I know im a few years late but im on my day 16 and I finally decided to do some navigating on google related to the surgery and stuff and apparently your blog is number 1, so congratulations for that.

    How in hell did your swelling go down so fast? Omg im very impressed! I swear that my swelling gets worse everyday…except not really but I really want it gone. I can totally relate with most things in your entries and I hate you for being so freaking hilarious since it still hurts to laugh/smile/pretty much everything else.

    So yeah, I decided im going to read a post per day until I get to my own Final Product because you’re cool and because I dont think anyone who hasnt had this surgery would actually understand much of what I say.

    And I have no idea if you’ll reply to this or even see it but thank you anyway for your blog and for sharing your experience, which I totally understand.

    Okay, bye.

    Pd/ I probably have some typos so sorry for that but I cant get used to my new tablet keyboard.

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