Recovery Timeline

Following is a brief timeline of important events regarding recovery from double jaw surgery. If you only had a single jaw operated on, your recovery will be much quicker than this.

Keep in mind that every person recovers at a different pace, and also that every surgeon has their own agenda during the recovery process. This is simply the sequence of important events that took place during my personal recovery.

Day 0 (Surgery)

  • You’ll be eating/drinking through a syringe
  • You’ll be unable to sleep very much
  • You may be freezing all night long due to the ice packs wrapped around your face
  • You’ll feel extremely weak
  • You won’t be able to talk
  • You will drool constantly (but you’ll have the suction tube in the hospital to take care of that)
  • Lots of blood will be churning up inside your nose, mouth and throat
  • Your jaw will randomly spasm (and it will be painful)

Day 1

  • Swelling will begin

Day 3

  • Swelling will peak
  • Your bowels will start working again around this time

Day 5

  • Feeling will begin to return to parts of your face
  • Swelling will start to decrease

Day 7 (1 week)

  • You’ll be able to move your mouth a bit easier, so your talking will become more understandable
  • At your 1-week appointment, you’ll be able to brush your teeth, both inside and out (and it will feel amazing)

Day 10

  • Drooling won’t be as rampant any longer
  • You’ll regain slight control over your lips

Day 14 (2 weeks)

  • Most of the swelling will be gone
  • You’ll be able to start drinking from a cup (although it may be messy at first)
  • You can probably remove a few of the elastics clamping your teeth together, so talking will become infinitely more simple
  • Sleeping through the night should no longer be a problem

Day 15

  • Your elastics will start snapping daily, due to your rapid increase in speaking

Day 18

  • Your breath will become bearable again, due to the fact that you’ve been eating different foods and brushing more often

Day 21 (3 weeks)

  • Your energy will start to come back. Take advantage of it! Go for walks and take your bike out for a spin.

Day 22

  • You’ll be receiving substantial feeling back in your upper lip and cheeks. Your nose, lower lip and chin, however, will remain completely numb.

Day 28 (4 weeks)

  • Talking will hardly be an issue any longer. If you have a splint/bite plate in, you’ll sound ridiculous, but people will be able to understand you.
  • Your desire to be social and spend time with people will return in full force. Make sure you take advantage of it, and remember that your friends are not judging you.

Day 29

  • Feeling will begin to return to your lower lip and chin. That feeling will come in the form of pins and needles, but you’ll appreciate it regardless. If no feeling has returned to these parts yet, don’t worry. Surgeons say that it make take up to 90 days for feeling to begin coming back.

Day 31 (1 month)

  • If your elastics are off, you’ll be able to speak quite well by now
  • You won’t drool or spill any longer while eating

Day 32

  • You’ll have most of your normal energy back by now
  • You’ll begin to feel like you’re ready to take life on again. Be warned though: you’re not quite there yet. Give it another month before you go crazy.

Day 38

  • More patches of feeling will return to your chin and lower lip
  • You should no longer have to wear elastics during the day

Day 42 (6 weeks)

  • You should be able to drink through a straw quite easily by now

Day 45

  • Most of your stitches should have dissolved by now

Day 49 (7 weeks)

  • If you had a splint in, it should definitely be removed by now
  • Be prepared to readjust back into the world of orthodontics

Day 56 (8 weeks)

  • You should be able to eat with a small spoon or fork again
  • Licking your lips should be no problem at this point

Day 58

  • You’ll most likely be allowed to blow your nose again. Be gentle, though, because you don’t want to pop a blood vessel.

Day 70 (10 weeks)

  • If you haven’t been able to eat solid food yet, start now. Even if the task of eating involves mashing soft food up against the roof of your mouth, do it anyway. You’ll never gain your strength back on liquid alone.

Day 84 (12 weeks)

  • You should enjoy the freedom of eating just about anything you want by now
  • Consider practising whistling in order to break up the scar tissue that’s sure to be keeping your upper lip from enjoying its full range of motion

Day 90 (3 months)

  • Your three months have finally come to an end! Enjoy eating, breathing and smiling to their full effect.
  • Changes will be fairly slow from this point forward. The results you find yourself with at the 6-month mark will most likely be the results you’ll live with for the rest of your life.

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  1. This is my 14th day post surgery. I had a orthognathic surgery ( double jaw ). Supposed to also do chin surgery but the surgeon decide to not to since it is unnecessary in my case.

    The list on mostly untrue for me. Though, my doctor did say my recovery rate is very fast.

    But this is my experience, the swelling does peak at the third day. But on the same day I already start brush my teeth.

    2nd day I’ve already started eating porridge. I wear my elastic but not to the point on of constant mouth shut.

    3rd day and I can drink with straw now, but struggles because by swelling is on its peak and can’t properly close my mouth.

    5th day I can drink on a cup normally now.

    On my 7th day, My dr already allow me to start chewing but to not force my self.

    So, I guess I got lucky… as someone who loves food, thank god. I can’t eat porridge like I used to anymore.

    • me being on my 4th day and reading that…. if i could move my face i would be cracking up there’s no way that’s actually possible unless you have some super powers i can’t even tell if i’m jealous that all just seems so painful

    • That doesn’t not sound right at all. Hope you recovered correctly…

  2. Hi,
    I’m at day 20 (3 weeks in). My jaw is wired shut for another 10 days. I was wondering can I play tennis after my wires are gone? Or should I wait for another 2 weeks (6 weeks)?

    best regards,

  3. I have to agree with someone who said they weren’t adequately prepared for what recovery would be like; this blog and others like it were very helpful for me to know what to expect. I’m three days post op and feeling human again, but if I hadn’t know what I was getting into, it would have been much worse! Still have a long ways to go, I know, but spirits are good. I had double jaw surgery Monday and I’m swollen like a chipmunk.

    My doc did get into it somewhat but not to the degree needed. I don’t think he could have – there’s too much. Thanks for keeping this blog going graham!

  4. Hi! Im having my jaw surgery july 25 and i have to start school two weeks later is there any advice on how to deal with everything while having to go to school?

    • Hey Sydney,
      I’m currently in graduate school and I took five weeks off for my surgery. It would all depend on what class you’re taking. Is it online? Or in a classroom? It would be hard to take exams while on pain medication and possible anti nausea meds and you certainly can’t drive under the influence. I ended up taking pain meds for about two weeks but everyone is different. I would talk to your instructor also maybe they can work around it.

    • Hey Sydney! I’m having surgery on July 25 too!! I don’t know how it’ll all work out but I’m planning safe- going to stay home (I’ve been homeschooled in the past so it’s totally fine for me) the first semester and see how everything’s doing. I would just say be careful and let your face heal

    • hey sydney ! all i can say is that you’ll be really swollen , that’s how i was. pain was fine, i stopped my pain meds the second day post surgery my only issue was the swelling & congestion. I was still pretty swollen two weeks later. but i was doing everything the same, as in lifestyle wise and i was talking. i had surgery during winter break so i could have a month to rest just in case.

  5. Hi to whoever can answer this question.
    Does anyone know the cost with insurance to have hardware in jaws removed? or even without insurance? Apparently its not a major surgery and could be done at an office visit I heard. I had my surgery back in 2016 august.

    • It is major surgery and cannot be done anywhere but the
      hospital! I had mine done July 2, 2018. Today is July 24.
      I was in the hospital only overnight but, trust me, I could
      not have gone home right after the surgery!
      You’ll be sent home with meds for pain, anti nausea meds.
      I had to handle severe constipation. That was bad because you can’t strain. So have something for that. I know MiraLAX
      Is very good but it’s giving me nausea and headache.
      I see the Gastroalogy Doctor this Thursday and will find out more.

      • Hi Teresa! How swollen were you after the plate removal surgery? Was it like the jaw surgery? I couldn’t move my lips properly after jaw surgery for about a month so Im scared it will be like that after the pin removal. Would 2 weeks be OK to go back to work?

        • You will be ok it just like pulling a wisdom tooth out you will be ok to go back to work in two weeks I feel alot better after they removed the plates and screws.

          • Thank you so much for the reply! I have a choice to do General anesthesia, or do it by numbing just the mouth with the needles (like how you would numb it when you take wisdom teeth out). What did you choose? I’m so scared so I want to be a sleep but it will cost more.. I just don’t want to feel the pain I did after jaw surgery 😭

          • I didn’t want to feel nothing either so i got anesthesia I was out of there in 2hrs feeling good

  6. I’m going to have my surgery in summer. How long should I wait before I go camping? I would take it pretty chill. I really want to enjoy some of my summer but want everything to be ok

    • I feel the same way! I am getting my double jaw surgery summer of 2019 and want to be able to enjoy my summer and enjoy my senior year of high school without worrying about swelling and uncomfortability.

      • I had double jaw surgery, sliding genioplasty and wisdom teeth removed in my surgery and it took over 8 hours. I was only able to get in the Wednesday before school started (the following tuesday) which gave me less than a week to recover before school. The biggest issue was congestion. I had decent energy and could function independently within 4 days and went back to college the Monday before it started and everything went fine. So as long as you aren’t being too strenuous N such or putting yourself at risk of getting your jaw knocked out of position you should be able to live pretty normally (besides diet) after a week. I am 19 so that helped, but sounds like you are 18ish so you have youthfullness on your side as well! I could talk decently a few days post op it just took a lot of effort. Try walking several miles a day as soon as you are able (I started taking walks 2 days post op) and it helped get my body back into the swing of things and drain lymph from my face. So if you rest properly, eat well and get active asap you can function normally in a week or so!

  7. I’m having lower jaw surgery on June 20th. I am kind of worried about returning to work two weeks post op. I am a registered nurse working in a hospital 12 hour shifts. Of course. I won’t be able to take pain medications or rest during my shifts. I will be responsible for 4 or 5 patient and will be responsible for my patients and not myself. Just wondering about everyone’s opinion about returning to work that early or should I wait a week or two more?

    • Nursing is a demanding job. I’d try to take at least another week of if possible. I have a desk job and returned part-time after 10 days and it was still rough going. I took a nap each afternoon and iced regularly. I never needed anything more than ibuprofen but the body really needs the time to heal. I was just exhausted and uncomfortable mostly. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

      • Thanks for the reply. That’s what I was thinking too. Thinking about having to take care of patients during that time makes me anxious.

        • Ideally I would recommend at least a month because of your job but I know its hard to take that kind of time off. Be extra good to yourself. Take extra vitamin c, protein and anti-inflammatories like tumeric and bromelain.

      • Returning to work 2 weeks post op would be hard. I’m 9 weeks post op and just starting to feel somewhat normal again. I still have facial discomfort and still some difficulty in talking and eating. I think 2
        weeks is too soon. Even 4 weeks since you should be able talk to your patients and help them. If you have enough sick time, I would highly recommend 8 weeks,

    • I was good within a week but wasn’t comfortable with my face until 2 weeks postop. But i’m also 20 so I think that’s why i bounced back quick

    • I am a physician who had bijaw surgery. I recommend you to leave at least a month or until your splint taken off. Because if you have splint in your mouth, it may lead to incorrect verbal communication which means more human error.

    • Hi! I had jaw surgery (double-lower jaw advancement and disjunction). I am a teacher and had it done during a two week holiday but ended up taking an extra month off too. I am actually going for my first day back tomorrow and just about feel ready to have to speak all day. Recovery is going well but I can’t nlw understand how anyone could go back to work after two weeks like my surgeon suggested… I hate to be negative but I definitely needed more time than that particularly in the job that I’m in.
      Good luck with it all

    • ashleigh edwards

      June 13, 2018 at 3:45 pm

      Hiya 🙂 just reading your post , I have just had the double jaw surgery 2.5 weeks ago , Have only just started going for little walks and not driving yet , still on strong pain relief . I would highly recommend you have at least 4 weeks off work to heal because you will not be eating and have zero energy

  8. The reason why i had to get surgery again was cause were the screws came unscrewed it got infected two times they didn’t know it was the screws tell i went to my dentist and they took x_rays and seen the screws was the problem so that’s why i had to get surgery a.s.a.p
    i was wondering why i had a big bump on my left bottom side all i wanted was to get well and that bump wouldn’t go away thank god i found out why that bump was. So they removed both the plates and screws from both sides only the bottom.

  9. im also on my 6 month post and i have had another bottom jaw surgery the screws on my left bottom jaw came unscrewed and had to get surgery to remove the plates and screws on both sides. So now im off work till i heal dont know when i will return to work.

    • The reason why i had to get surgery again was cause were the screws came unscrewed it got infected two times they didn’t know it was the screws tell i went to my dentist and they took x_rays and seen the screws was the problem so that’s why i had to get surgery a.s.a.p
      i was wondering why i had a big bump on my left bottom side all i wanted was to get well and that bump wouldn’t go away thank god i found out why that bump was. So they removed both the plates and screws from both sides only the bottom.

    • I also have to get my plates removed! When were you able to move your lips properly? Im scared becaused I couldn’t moce my lips properly after jaw surgery for a month and I heard the swelling will be the same as jaw surgery. When were you able to go to work?

  10. Hi, I’m in week 6 post op double jaw surgery for severe underbite, I feel like my upper lip is still protruding. Is it because my upper lip is still swollen?

    • im also on my 6 month post and i have had another bottom jaw surgery the screws on my left bottom jaw came unscrewed and had to get surgery to remove the plates and screws on both sides. So now im off work till i heal dont know when i will return to work.

  11. Hi guys, I might need to have this surgery during uni. What are peoples thoughts on this? I’ve emailed the unit coordinators and I’m fine with having a month from uni (I hope) but I don’t think I can actually just have a month off and catch up since I’m in third year. How long until I can start studying again? Thanks

    • Hi! I had my surgery as a nursing major. I had mine at the beginning of a week long fall break. I took an extra a few days after that and started going to lecture. I had already emailed my professors that I wouldn’t be able to talk or even do much in class but I wanted to be there to listen and take notes. I took my first exam after about 10 days after surgery and bombed it because I couldn’t focus over the pain. This surgery distracts you from everything. However, I’d say I was able to fully participate after a month. You’ll still be sore, but able to talk and you won’t be dying of hunger or drooling on paper. Hope this helps!!!

    • hey ! i had mine during winter break my third year as well and i was fine to go back two weeks after. tbh you’ll be fine. i was fine! if anything the only thing that’ll be difficult is the swelling.

    • i had mine during winter break and I was good two-three weeks post op!!!

  12. Hi all, I’m Tonny from NYC. I got my double jaw surgery for severe underbite on Jan 23rd, 2018. I had my first follow up appointment with the doctor yesterday. Everything is going good. He showed me my x-ray photos that I took day 1 after the surgery. Anyways, there are 2 jaw wing bones (I believe that’s what he called) that sticking downwards on the side along left and right lower jaw, below the ears. The doc said they will go away on their own. If not, there will be a surgery to shave those. I wonder if any of you had that after your jaw surgery?

  13. Hello all, I’m due to go in for surgery soon. I know it’s going to be rough and am dreading it. What I’m wondering is… how long until I’m able to return to work? I work in HR and talk with people all day. I don’t care if I’m swollen as I’m in my office most of the time… I just need to figure out how long it typically is before I can talk good. From what I’m reading, I’m guessing around 2 weeks.

    Here’s a better question— how long until YOU returned to work? That will also give me an idea.

    • I was 55yo accountant. I took 1.5 weeks off then half time for one week. I was pretty tired after half day of work that second week and would go home and nap. For the first month i frequently closed the door and laid down for 10 to 15 minutes while at work and applied cold packs. That helped a lot. Listen to your body and don’t try to muscle through it.

    • personally i was talking within 4 days already. but give it two weeks for it to be good. i don’t work, i’m a student and i went back to school 3 weeks after but that was because i had surgery during winter break

      • Had surgery jan 9 2018. also a student going back to school on the 29th . So far recovery is going well, drooling is the annoying part I will say.

    • hey ! i literslly just had surgery dec. 20, 2017 & i was talking within 4 days. but give it like a week and a half for your speech to not sound as mumbled. I don’t work, but i am a student and i went back to school 4 weeks after my surgery, but that was because it was winter break.

    • Hey Frank, I’m guessing you’ve already gone in for the op. My surgeon advised 4-6 weeks in my referral letter, and I showed that to HR & my boss. I needed the full 6 weeks due to swelling, you could do it in 4, but unlikely less than that

  14. ok im on my 4 month now and my left bottom cheek is still swollen is that ever going to get any better i look like a damm monkey my face looks so long and my chin is still numb but i feel it coming back to live again hopefully it will get better soon they said it takes 4 to 6 months for the swelling to go away well see im being so patient i will post again when i turn 5 months in my recovery thanks.

    • I have almost exact similar problem as you do. Im on my 5th week going on 6th. I noticed I have some foul taste coming from upper front teeth on right side where my cheek is more swollen than the left but Im assuming because the docdor placed a plate there on the right side only. Im hoping it will go away on its own because I just finished antibiotic but hasnt helped.

  15. Hi all. I am a week out from surgery and was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction. What can I eat besides protein shakes and things like ensure/boost? I am not a soup person but understand that I am going to have to deal with the to stay nourished. Does anyone have any suggestions for a menu?

    • Try applesauce, yougart and puddings. They were my goto after surgery.

    • all i ate were milkshakes and smoothies for the first two weeks ! im on my third week post op as of today

      • I have a blender and Im eating cereals and oatmeals microwaved in bowl with milk, pasta, overcooked rice, cooked with extra water, noodles, meatloaf, macaroni, homemade smoothie, grilled cheese making sure bread is not hard or sticky but easily melts in your mouth, chicken curry with rice, the other day I bought bowl of Chipotle. Now youre wondering how Im able to eat all of these thats because after second week my bands were taken off so I have a small mouth opening and I blend everything into particles to the point of being little just before being too soupy but if soupy is ok with you then by all means. Make sure you eat like this only if you have enough opening where you can brush inside of your mouth. Write me back if you need more info.

    • i made me mash potatoes, yogurt,can foods like slice peaches, jello,cholate pudding,cake thats what i ate

    • try milkshakes and smoothies !!!

  16. Vanessa elliott

    October 29, 2017 at 9:51 am

    I am 4 1/2 weeks post double jaw replacement and upper jaw surgery. I Tull have swelling and the left side of my face and left top lip is numb as well as my top gums. My right lower lip is weak which makes my smile crooked. I can’t lift my left eyebrow or wink left eye. How long untill these things return?

    • my eye is still not moving , its been over a year the nerves r not working on my left side
      it my take a year but it was my 2cd surgery that did it
      in due time

  17. How long does it take to achieve maximum mouth opening after upper and lower jaw surgery?

  18. Thanks for this information. Although i am only day 4 post op i was completely un prepared for the recovery process and feel so annoyed that i feel i was not fully informed and prepared about what lay ahead for me. Right now i have huge regrets and would not recommend this to my worst enemy. Today if had airway swelling only to be made feel its my anxiety.(which i dont normally suffer from). Thank god for prednisone. Im hoping my swelling has peaked today because im not sure how much tighter the side of my check, my ear canal and throat could get. Ive only had lower jaw realignment . I cant possible imagine having had both top and bottom done.

    • Hey, I just had upper and lower jaw surgery on the 16th and I’m now post op day 7. I feel ya, I said the exact same thing about it even wishing my worst enemy to feel the way a person goes through for this surgery. And now we both have to suffer watching others eat and us with our liquid😂😓 but I’m feeling much better now than a week ago and I’m sure you are as well since it’s almost been a month since you got your surgery. Just don’t forget, we are at least suffering together and not alone. Good luck with your recovery and I’m sure your results will be great, I hope mine are too but I wouldn’t know currently with my swollen double chin and cheeks😂

  19. Hey Graham! Once again I return to your experience as well as the others on this amazing blog. I have left this comment before a few months ago but still have yet to see any change in my appearance. I am currently 6 months post operation (had both upper and lower jaw surgery) and my lips are still much bigger than before my surgery and it is very noticeable and to be truthful I’m kinda annoyed by them. Not only that but the right side of my face where my jaw was longer than the other side seems to be more fuller than the left and I was wondering if that will ever go down. I had my surgery at the mayo clinic in rochester but I’m kind of regretting my surgery as I think my overall appearance was much more appealing before surgery despite having s “straighter” smile now. Did anyone experience bigger lips after surgery, and is there any fix to this? Will it go down after I get my braces off? And finally will the right side of my face become less full so it’s more symmetrical to the left side, because right now I look as asymmetrical as I did before surgery because of the fullness on the right side of my face.

    • Stacey Lee Kelly

      February 20, 2017 at 5:59 pm

      I wished my lips had remained full- had upper and lower jaw surgery 12/7 and swelling went down pretty quick .. best of luck to you



        October 2, 2017 at 3:17 pm

        I got my jaw surgery done Sept 18th and I already went for my first visit he told me to put hot pads on my face for swollen and bruising to go down do you know if that’s a good idea never heard of that but I am going to try it starting today well good luck in your recovery

        • ok im on my 4 month now and my left bottom cheek is still swollen is that ever going to get any better i look like a damm monkey my face looks so long and my chin is still numb but i feel it coming back to live again hopefully it will get better soon they said it takes 4 to 6 months for the swelling to go away well see im being so patient i will post again when i turn 5 months in my recovery thanks.

          • im also on my 6 month post and i have had another bottom jaw surgery the screws on my left bottom jaw came unscrewed and had to get surgery to remove the plates and screws on both sides. So now im off work till i heal dont know when i will return to work.

    • so you had u dervite surgery right? i’m 16, bust had sarpe, upper jaw surgery, basically expanding. Was painfull and hard, the hardest for me is that i can’t eat very well 🙁 & i’m soooo curious about my underbite surgery, that’s like still 6-7 months but i’m patient.


      July 4, 2017 at 8:14 am

      Hi Harry,
      I am at 6 weeks post-op, and I am worried about my upper lip too . Right now , my upper lip seems flip upward when I talk and like catching flies when I rest . I really hope it will get better as time goes by .

    • I noticed that some days my lips seem a bit larger than normal, but I think its because your lips are rubbing against those hooks they put on before surgery. Mine are finally going down…..

  20. Hi. My daughter had upper jaw surgery (lefort 1), 5 weeks ago. The swelling is still there and her nostrils seem to have larger openings and whoville appearance like was mentioned. Do the nostril openings get any smaller with time?

    • Hi Mary I read this and felt so bad for you and your daughter but did not want to reply as I am 2 months post and feel the very same way whoville I found this earlier reply and it applies to your daughter and I and may make u both feel better …………..I had double jaw surgery a year ago. Upper jaw and lower jaw were both moved forward. I wanted to encourage anyone who is in the recovery process to just be patient. Jaw surgery recovery is a long process and I can remember constantly searching the Internet for months after surgery for answers because I just looked so weird after surgery! I truly thought I’d never look normal again. My lips were extremely swollen initially and then they became invisible, as though I had no lips at all. I was worried it was permanent because it lasted a good 5 to 6 months, luckily everything turned out great. I honestly looked like a who from Dr suess’s whoville for so long, I was devistated. Recovery is the hardest part, give it at least 6 months to a year and trust me you will look great! My nose also looked huge for quite a while, along with my cheeks and whole face really lol. But it all was swelling that seems to last forever and I vividly remember being devistated that I would never look okay again. I want to reassure anyone who is going through jaw surgery that you will look perfectly normal and likely be happy that you had the surgery once the long recovery process is finally over 6 months to a year. Just be patient and try not to stress 🙂

      • Thanks so much! Patience is definitely not one of my strong suits but I am working on it. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Good luck with your recovery. Time will heal all.

      • I feel a bit better reading this. I am 6 months post op and very frustrated at my appearance. I feel like a monkey some days.

        • Allie, talk to your surgeon and orthodontist. I have read that swelling can take up to 1 year before it goes down completely. .Try to continue the face/ jaw exercises – to help . Jaw surgery causes a lot of changes that facial muscles have to adjust to and u have to get use to. Good luck!

        • Me too. I am 4 months post-op from double jaw surgery. I feel like I look like someone from “Planet of the Apes.” I’m starting to wonder if I was over-advanced.

          • Hey Rachel-
            I am feeling your pain!! I had double jaw surgery 2-13-17 so I think we are on the exact same time line…. and I feel EXACTLY the way you do! Like a monster. Same thing, I look like across between planet of the apes and a skeleton . Seemed to look better after a couple of months when the initial swelling went down-in april/may-and then it got worse looking, face started looking more bizarre-sort of like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith but lips not quite that big, lol! Long skinny face, long upper lip, still a lot of numbness in my lips/gums/palate, still don’t have full mobility in my upper lip., like the muscles are stiff. My profile looks good but from the front I look odd and my mouth looks grumpy and shows bottom teeth at rest. And when I smile I look scary/evil like a predator. I used to have a beautiful smile. I had both jaws moved forward 10mm- supposedly- and I wonder if that was too much? I am hoping that the jaws will recede a bit (Dr says they usually do a little) and that whatever upper jaw swelling and around the sides/ base of my nose will continue to go down and my upper lip will shrink up and de-puff. I get my braces off in two days and I’m hoping that will help my mouth not seem so large as the braces have hooks, etc and stick out pretty far. If it doesn’t get better after braces off, I’m going to consult a plastic surgeon about fillers to balance out my facial proportions and bring back some width to mid and lower face. Also, and most importantly, I’m checking into a modified upper lip lift. There are a few plastic surgeons who do a good job with this, which is essential because of the scar location-where nose and lip meet. check out Dr Ben Talei, his scars are almost invisible plus good results and he does alot-cost is 2x as much as here in Atlanta-he’s in Beverly Hills-I think 5k, but worth it . Also there’s a guy in Boston who’s good, can’t remember name. You can look it up on But I hope it all just heals up and returns to normal on its own because I’ve spent enough money on braces that I didn’t need (teeth were straight) plus i had to pay 20% of my surgery because my doc was out of network. I would never go back through the surgery again, so this is my only option. On the bright side, If these issues are tweaked or hopefully improve on their own, I will look amazing-like a supermodel-plus I can actually breathe now, no more sleep apnea, and bite down on all my teeth and jaw pain has improved. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this 6-12 month hell is going to be worth it. Let me know how you progress!!!!

      • How are things now? I am 4 months out from double jaw surgery and I feel like a monster at times. I look like a skeleton/monkey. Face is long and skinny with a long swollen upper lip. It got better between 2-3 months and then between 3-4 months I got worse looking. I also have trouble speaking as my lips are partially numb and my upper lip has limited mobility.

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