Day 16: I’m Aware I Look Like A Duck. Must You Remind Me?

  • Pain: 1/10
  • Inconvenience: 5/10

I’ve officially run out of creativity when it comes to my daily mugshots. A few of my friends were mocking me for my “MySpace angle” photos. I’ve since decided to start including an item of interest from my house in each picture–something I’ll make use of when this is all over. Today, I sat down with Nesquik. I look forward to many bowls of ice cream with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top once I’m able to use a spoon again.

I realized today that I’m dehydrated. Hard to believe this can happen when you’re restricted to a liquid diet. I’ve been drinking less than 1 L of water per day because, well, water makes me feel even hungrier due to its lack of taste. Have you ever had a craving for a glass of water when you’re feeling hungry? Chances are you haven’t. In any regard, I’ve commenced filling my water bottle at work again. At 1.5 L in volume, that should cure my dry throat and lack of energy quite quickly.

My braces have decided to start cutting into my cheeks lately. I don’t appreciate it.

I had the usual for lunch today: 2 Ensure chocolate drinks. However, I succeeded in drinking both of them without spilling anything! I sat there, almost glowing, as I stared out the window overlooking the gleaming businesses across the street–the used satellite store, the shady computer retailer, and the windowless automotive shop whose logo is literally drawn onto the side of the building. My friend told me that’s where businesses go to die. I’m beginning to agree with him.

One of my coworkers came by shortly after I returned from my feast to let me know that I look like a duck. He then nodded and walked away. I’m not sure what that was all about, but I appreciate the human contact nonetheless.

I appreciate all the comments I’ve received regarding this blog. It’s nice to know that people are actually reading this manifestation of pure, raw intelligence. I think I’m going to come back to it in a few years myself and reread the entire journey to see if I find it as humorous as everybody else does when I’m no longer the victim. 🙂

To finish up, allow me to share with you a simple truth I’ve discovered thus far: I have a new heart for starving children. I would find it difficult to be happy if I had to wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with an empty stomach. It’s not a comforting feeling.


  1. Thank you for your blog ,it has given my granddaughter a positive feeling , having just had surgery . Loves her food normally , skinney but always Hungary , not now though . Just10 days into her recovery and feeling better already . She is unsure she likes her look , we think she looks like Scarlett Johansen but 18 . Beware of what you wish for I guess . Thanks again . T

  2. I am on day 16 here. Has anyone else had lots of ear pain since their surgery? My left ear is so achy and I hope it is something that will go away with time and not something permanent. Crazy how things change. I was feeling pretty decent a week after surgery. Now the last several nights have been extra hard. Something to do with laying down puts a different kind of pressure on my jaw, ears, and really my whole head. I just dread night time. I taking a sleeping pill every night and it helps me get enough sleep. I just wish laying down was more comfortable. I had my 2 week check up earlier this week and the surgeon reconfigured my bands in a way it was really affecting my teeth. I noticed after 1 day that my lower teeth were getting crowded and even 1 tooth was being pushed in. So I took them off and made an appointment with the orthodontist. SO glad I did because he came up with a whole new configuration that would help stabilize my jaw as well as start to move teeth where they need to be in prep for my next appointment. It seems like every orthodontist should be involved in deciding the band configuration since they are really the ones most involved in your treatment going forward after the surgery. So I feel much better about things, minus the extra ear pain his configuration has caused. Anyway, I am just so tired of needing Ibuprofen and even though my face is still so numb, I still feel WAY more discomfort than I expected. I am sure I am just more negative today because I was up all night sick with something I caught from my son. I just hope I will feel better soon. Such a negative rant I know, I am generally more positive. I know tomorrow will bring on happier feelings 🙂

    • Holly, your orthodontist should most certainly be the person in charge of your band configuration, but that being said, your teeth can move quite a lot in these early stages, so most anything is still correctable at this point. I hope you find some relief with the pain in your ear as well. I would imagine it’s due to physical stress/pressure on certain parts of your face, so as your swelling decreases, your discomfort should as well. Good luck in the sleeping department!

  3. I too have come to appreciate many things more than I ever have and I hope the lessons I’ve learned will stick with me forever. Before I only had two rubber bands on and could open my mouth, but last week for whatever reason my surgeon decided to band me shut with 6 bands so that I cannot open my mouth whatsoever. I spent a whole day crying and feeling sorry for myself because I could no longer enjoy the little bit of solid food I had been able to eat. And now I can’t talk at all. Although its miserable, I’ve now realized that there are millions of children and people who every day struggle to get anything in their stomachs to keep them alive. I may be hungry, but I know I’ll survive. And I know that in the not too distant future I’ll go back to eating as much as I want every day and never having to worry about where my next meal is coming from. I’m so blessed. We all are really. Life when hungry isn’t much of a life at all. And then there’s thousands of people born without the ability to speak or communicate at all, but inside their minds they’re sentient and intelligent people. Being aware but not able to let people know you’re there, that life would seem like life not worth living to me. I’m so grateful I will never have to go hungry again or be unable to seal after this is all over. I’m also blessed to have even had this surgery which will ultimately improve my life.

  4. Ah, the beauty of the Internet. 🙂 Turns out I had the flu last week on top of everything else. Life is so much sunnier now that I’ve kicked that. Yay! Thanks for the support, Graham and Aimee.

  5. You’ll get past it, I promise. Gosh, I remember those feelings. I bet I went over that in my head so many times…”why on earth did I do this??” But today, two years later, I have no pain and I feel like a million bucks. It IS worth it, and you’ll learn that soon enough. Keep your chin up and be as positive as you can. I know it’s hard, but this, too, shall pass. 🙂

  6. Thanks, Aimee! Still feeling pretty done with this recovery thing, but at least today I didn’t feel like I got any worse. (My low-grade fever has stuck around but isn’t spiking, my tiredness is persistent but not debilitating, …) These past few days represent the first time I’ve hit that, “Was this really worth it?” low — I hope to move on to a more positive place soon. (P.S. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog, too, prior to surgery and now as I recover.)

  7. I hope your day is better today, Jamie. 🙂

  8. Tomorrow is Day 16 for me and I’ve been feeling worse the past few days. Looks like I may have an infection, so I’m back on antibiotics. I have a fever and am no longer sleeping well. Boo. Tried going to work today but left mid-day. Fingers crossed the morning brings a happier me. Thanks for letting me whine.

    @Carol, I’m curious about triple jaw surgery, too.

    • Jamie, your whine made it all the way to me here in Congo! =)

      I hope your infection has gone away and that you’re back to moving in a positive direction. Take care!

  9. Carol, it’s nice to know your friends are smiling as a result of your surgery, isn’t it? You’re over the worst hump already, so hang in there!

    Also, what is “triple jaw surgery”?

  10. I’ve been reading your blog day by day to see what to expect, so far you been on the money, I had triple jaw surgery, the itchiness on day 16 is killing me as those wonderful braces you mentioned cutting into my insides! Thanks for your blog! My friends randomly call me just to say words that I pronounce funny so they can laugh,

  11. My friends have said you look way better than I expected. Thanks y’all!!

  12. Yeah, they’re great! At least they keep it real! I’ve got great friends who don’t sugarcoat things for me, nor do they try to make me feel better when they KNOW I feel like crap. They’re the best kind of friends to have!

  13. Haha, friends are great for the compliments, eh?

  14. My friends say I look like Mrs. Potato Head, if that makes you feel any better…lol.

  15. @Sean: I agree. Water is the worst! But I need it. I guess you could mix in those flavored water powder things (whatever they’re called), but I choose to just suck it up and get my water in.

    I think the smell of pizza would make me want to end it all. 🙂

  16. @Tasha: Yay, another jaw surgery blog! I shall start reading it!

    I’m so jealous that you could eat foods with actual substance right off the bat. You’re lucky! I spend most of my evenings eating and I starve through the whole thing.

    Anyways, your recovery looks like it’s going really well. Let me know when you’re back to normal. I’m wondering how long it takes to be regain the full motion of your jaw, like being able to open your mouth wide and move it side to side.

  17. Water is the enemy. Intaking liquids is a vile, miserable experience, so why drink something with no calories whatsoever?

    Someone in the office has pizza, and since I’m not having a happy wired-jaw day, I want to kill them.

  18. You don’t look like a duck. That was mean of your co-worker!

    I had surgery March 9, and the first time I felt full after eating was on Sunday. However, I only had the upper jaw operated on, so I was able to “chew” food on the roof of my mouth almost from the beginning.

    Hope you’re feeling good today!


  19. Haha, no worries, I didn’t take offense. I’m glad someone pointed it out. I was getting mighty tired of my boring “look-into-the-corner” pictures myself.

    Maybe you can guest star one day. I’ll just steal a photo off your Facebook page.

  20. I was only busting balls, there’s no reason to get all butthurt about it. Your swelling has went down something fierce!

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