Day 5: Quasimodo

  • Pain: 4/10
  • Inconvenience: 10/10 (We’re back to a mere 100% inconvenience because I’ve stopped drooling in my sleep!)

Thought I’d go for the “deer in the headlights” look today…

I slept on the couch last night, and I think I’m going to keep it that way for awhile. I haven’t really been sleeping through the night due to sheer discomfort, so I may as well be in a position where I can at least watch episodes of Heroes all night long, right? I found I slept better on the couch last night than I have all week in bed anyway.

My day started like this: My jaw clicked about 8 times, which felt extremely unsettling, then my wonderful mother made me a fruit smoothie because I can’t handle another chocolate supplement for breakfast. I then went to take my first drink of the honey-strawberry-banana-ice cream concoction–by syringe, of course–spilled it all down my chin, because I missed my mouth, and then had it drop down my shirt, onto my pants, and onto the floor.

It’s supposed to be +10 ºC today, however, so how can I let a little triple-spill like that dampen my spirits?

I tried drinking through a straw today, even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to create the suction necessary. I sounded like one of the aliens from District 9, complete with the gurgling. I’m glad we don’t have any small children around. They’d have nightmares for months after listening to me try to feed.

I have good news today too! My swelling is finally fleeting, albeit very slowly, but I can see that my lower jaw is most definitely set in behind my upper jaw. Much success! As I was noticing this in the mirror, I also noticed I have huge jowls. Hasn’t everyone wished they could talk about their jowls at one point or another? That’s what I thought.

I’ve vowed to always brush my teeth and have the freshest breath around from here on in (once I’m able). I don’t know why anyone would ever opt to not have the freshest, most minty breath around. I remember a kid from junior high who had such terrible breath that I would have to turn away and hold my own breath every time he spoke to me. My mouth still smells like a salmon smokery, except the salmon is becoming more and more rotten each day–putrid. I can already see the ladies lining up.

I’ve become wildly aware of the mockery that caged animals live with each and every day. I kid you not–I have had family members come over to my house specifically to watch me administer food by syringe, like I’m some spectacle in the local zoo. Those poor animals…

“How’s my little Quasimodo doing?”

And I’d like to extend a quick thank you to my friend who called to check up on me with that comforting question yesterday. Bless you.

I shall leave you with a fact and a funny thought. First, the thought: I remembered today that my surgeon had offered to put silicon implants in my cheeks during the surgery just to ensure that they didn’t end up being sunken. What was I thinking when I said no?! I could have been as pretty as plastic!

And now for the fact: I have officially lost 19 pounds during these first 5 days. I can almost fit my hand around my own forearm now. I don’t belong in North America any longer.


  1. Hi! I’m on the 5th Day of my jaw surgery (front jaw moved forward and centered slightly, and bottom jaw moved backwards and centered a lot) and so far I have felt very tired, can’t sleep and unable to drink anything. However, despite feeling nauseated last night after managing to consume only 1 nutrient drink ( I don’t like the brand that i bought, equate) today i feel much better. I seem to have a lot more engery, and have found something thats east to go down, 2% milk with nesquick syrup 🙂 I managed to drink 4 glasses of that today, one meal replacement ( think i need to buy a new brand), 2 glasses of juice, and 500ml of water. Hopefully tomorrow, i can start drinking some more stuff! I feel less congested today and my pain ( which i did not take meds for) is gone. So hopefully tonight I can get a good sleep. Enjoying reading your blog and it’s nice to know that you still take the time to respond. I’m only worried about being ready to start University when September comes around, since i go to school away from home.

    • T Benn, props to you for trying to stay hydrated. It’s surprisingly difficult during these initial days, isn’t it? Stay strong and I assure you that university in September should be no trouble. =)

  2. I really enjoy your story telling abilities. Makes this experience more real and fun to read about.

  3. Day 5 for me. I sleep good, pain is ok, feels like after a visit at the orthodontist, energy ok – I cooked and cleaned the kitchen today. My face is still huge, and the big problem is that I got a cold from my son. My stuffy nose is now a runny nose, and I just hate it, because it made drinking, taling and breathing a lot difficult! Any tips on how to deal with it? I also have an very nasty headache, my head feels like it’s going to explode! Uffffff

    • Maria, catching a cold is far more inconvenient following jaw surgery, isn’t it? The only remedies I can think of would be to use something with menthol in it, perhaps Vaseline, to clear your sinuses up a bit. As for your headache, the solution may be something as off-the-shelf as Advil. I hope your nose clears up soon so you can get back to recovering! =)

  4. Hey graham, today I went to see my surgeon and once again told me that the implants on my cheeks are recommended stating my cheeks would have a sunken look without them. Im having double jaw surgery and since he brang it up I am a little worried that my face would look fu*cked up without them. I have afew days to think about it before the actual surgery, truthfully I wouldnt want anything unnatural like implants in my face, my mind is telling me no.. have you personally seen anyone that has regected the implants and now have sunken cheeks?

    • Jimmy, I haven’t met anyone who has regretted not having the cheek implants put in (myself included). I’m not sure how to assess whether you need them or not. You can compare your current facial structure to what I looked like before surgery, but in all honesty, I’d go with your gut on this one. If you don’t have sunken cheeks right now, you’ll probably be okay post-op.

  5. Hey those silicone implants that the surgeon offered to put in for your cheeks, are they permanent? Also do you really regret saying no or was that just sarcasm, sorry im just really nervous, I have my surgery in acouple of weeks and I also remember my surgeon talking about those implanta, but truthfully im looking to regret them as you did.. any advice?

    • Jimmy, the cheek implants are permanent, yes. Some surgeons recommend them to “fill out” your cheeks in an effort to avoid a sunken look. I chose to forego them and I think my face looks perfectly fine, so I would advise against them.

  6. Yay!

    I am back to spoons and cups. Like normal people do. I think the day it gets to braces being taken off I’m probably going to weep with happiness!

    Until then I’ll just contend with the stitches – they are so inconvenient! 😀

  7. Hiya

    I’m day 5 post double jaw surgery and while pain wise,
    I’m relatively ok, I have gone from being able to slide tiny spoonfuls of food down back to a syringe. Head feels like its in a vice! I am assuming this is normal??


    • Kirsty, that’s perfectly normal, yes. You’ll experience a lot of pressure in your face for the first 2–3 weeks. You’ll get through it, I promise!

  8. Hi graham,
    What a fantastic writing style. Your posts are killing me. I m on day 5 and I m starting to feel some pain for the first time, u think I should be worried? I also started eating with a spoon as soon as I got home as the doctor authorized it. I have replaceable elastics so I remove them and put them back on. Sorry but I forgot to say that I too had a double jaw surgery while my swelling is getting smaller by the day. The fact I am able to eat and use a straw allowed me not to lose pounds, how nice is that? I feel I am healing quickly, except for the little pain I m having. Thx again

    • Chady, it sounds like you’re recovering a bit more gracefully than I did! I wouldn’t worry about having pain—it’s perfectly normal at this point. At the rate you’re going, you’ll be back in action in no time at all. Stay positive!

  9. Hey graham, thanks for the advice. I’m about 11 days post op and feel a lot better. Mouth bleeding has pretty much stopped which is a huge plus. I can’t even imagine the pain you must have gone through with the double jaw surgery. I’m capable of eating and talking to the extent that you were only able to do after 25 days. Really inspirational. I can already see an improvement to my profile and I have less joint discomfort now that I no longer have to jut my jaw out to disguise the overbite. These improvements are allowing me to think positively about the surgery.

    Once again, kudos to you for surviving double jaw surgery and great results too. I hope to post my results in a couple of weeks time.

  10. Hey! I’m 5 days post op and this blog is extremely comforting :). I had my lower jaw extended 5mm, 6mm genioplasty and got my wisdom teeth removed as well. I’ve can relate to most of your experiences so far. It’s great how you’ve been so positive. From day 3 to 4 I was feeling extremely low, feeling emotionally responsive and crying. Did you feel any of this? Once again, thanks for writing this blog. Cheers Dan

    • Hi Dan,

      I certainly had my low points during the first few months of recovery, but I knew that things would get better each and every day, so I chose to put those negative feelings aside and focus on the fact that my body was healing instead.

      To combat those emotionally destructive feelings, go outside for a walk each time they sneak up on you. It’ll also help if you’re around other people. Surround yourself with family and friends and do something simple like watch television or a movie. They’ll be more supportive than you may think. Good luck! =)

  11. I’ll be on the lookout for that video, Amy! Who knows… maybe it’ll be your big break!

  12. I’m on my fifth day….sleeping is the WORST. My friends came over yesterday and a video of my smiling is about to go viral on facebook XD

  13. Actually no! I drool a lot less now that my jaws line up. Who’d thought?

  14. I imagine that challenge was completed with a lot of spittle as a byproduct, yes? 😛

  15. Wow your cheeks swelled up much less than mine – I guess cuz I’m only on Day 3. I had trouble sleeping last night too, but it was because I kept waking up in pain! I need to configure some kinda of entertainment for these times; I did buy Infamous 2 but that won’t come until Tuesday. Oh my favorite post surgery visit comment was from a pal, “Say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” which I did. Heehee.

  16. Hi Sam,

    The fact that you are on the fifth day of your recovery means you’re going to be completely numb for at least another month or so. Feeling won’t begin returning until about the six-week mark, and full feeling will likely take 3-6 months.

    As for the rash in your chin, I can only assume it’s a reaction to the tape. The surgery is completely internal so there’s nothing that should cause an external rash of any kind. I’d give it a few days, keep the area clean, and see if it goes away.

    You’ll feel a lot better in about a week’s time, so just stick with it!

  17. Correction, not that it matters but I am numb from the narrow area below my eyes to my chin.

  18. Graham, I wasn’t sure where to write this and I am on day 5 of recovery so I figured I would put it here. I had this soft white tape almost like a splint around the bottom and top of my chin to kind of hold it in place I assume. But I just took it off today because it had gotten a little wet and wasn’t comfortable anymore. Now that I took it off I realized that in the crevice of my chin seems to be oozing a little bit. I notice that you never had the tape in any of your mug shots but maybe you had some knowledge on this. I wasn’t sure if it might be just a little rash from the tape or is it from the surgery itself. I did have double jaw surgery and the metal plate put in my chin (chin job.. I guess) it is completely numb from my bottom lip to the bottom of my chin. Any knowledge anyone has it would be appreciated! Thanks!

  19. Trina, my dad kept on making me laugh during the initial few weeks and it hurt so bad because my stitches would all rip apart every single time. Shame on him!

    That’s a funny story about your tearfest with a wired mouth. How frustrating!

  20. haha , im debating if i should keep on reading . Laughed so hard that tears came out of my eyes .. oh and i cried lastnight watching some sappy movie (im a softy girl btw) crying is the worst thing to do while having your mouth wired shut . can’t breath hard .. can’t see , oh forgot to mention the slobber because your trying so hard to breath.. i have vowed to not watch any more sad shows until i can open my mouth haha . i hope you don’t get any funnier in your next posts. Becasue i’ve just decided to keep on reading haha thanks man. this is the best !!

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